Fire District Election


A board of five fire commissioners governs Eastchester Fire District. These commissioners are elected by the qualified voters of Eastchester, Tuckahoe, and Bronxville, at the annual election held on the second Tuesday of December each year.

Each commissioner is elected for a five-year term commencing on the 1st of January following the election. One commissioner is elected each year so that there will always be experienced commissioners on the board. Eastchester Fire Commissioners receive no compensation.

The Eastchester Board of Fire Commissioners manages the fiscal and budgetary requirements of the Fire District, personnel matters including hiring and promotions, the coordination of information systems, as well as the oversight of operational policies and procedures.

Public elections are a cornerstone of our democratic institutions. It is the intent of the Eastchester Fire District and the Eastchester Board of Fire Commissioners to make voting in its elections as accessible, and efficient as possible, within the requirements of State law.

The Eastchester Fire District website is continually updated with information leading up to election time. You can email questions or concerns to the Fire District Secretary.